Christopher Hoskins, a bonded winery owner and tenured real estate developer, has directed resources and drawn upon his relationships with local architects, engineers, contractors, banks, real estate brokers and city agencies to ensure that Winery Row reaches its full potential.

Chris purchased his first real estate investment in 1985, as a freshman at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). The property – a six unit apartment building – was in poor condition and required extensive improvements. Within a year, Chris completed the work, leased the property and sold the building for a substantial profit. Over the following twenty years, Chris became an expert at acquiring distressed properties, renovating them, and turning them into profit centers. During the early 1990’s, Chris took advantage of the Savings & Loan Crisis by acquiring, renovating, developing and managing almost one thousand apartments. In 2006 Chris launched his first Custom Crush winery.

Today, Chris owns and manages a $50 million real estate portfolio that includes developments in Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Texas and Central America.

Several investment opportunities are currently available in Winery Row. If you are a Qualified Investor, and would like more information, please contact Chris Hoskins at 714-470-6400 .