Winemaker's Solution


Winemaker's Solution

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Welcome to Winery Row Paso!

Where the winemakers go

Winery Row - Paso Robles is a beautiful new development featuring 16 freestanding wineries. Each purpose built winery will be approximately 10,000 square feet and consist of a wine processing facility, a barrel storage facility and a tasting room. All 16 wineries will feature unique exterior facades and lush landscaping. Winemakers looking for a new home now have the opportunity to lease a winery of their own.

Located at 2550 Dry Creek Road in Paso Robles, California, Winery Row will offer tourists a one-stop opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines in a lush setting. In addition to wine tasting, future plans call for two restaurants, shopping, RV park, 350 seat event center, treehouse lodging, and 100 room boutique hotel.

Please take a look around, and contact us when you're ready for your own winery.





Where Winemakers Go

Winery Row - Paso Robles is located at 2550 Dry Creek Road in Paso Robles, California.
Each of the 16 wineries can be customized to suit the specific needs of the winemaker, and feature the following:

Tasting Room


Barrel Storage

  • There are four architectural designs: Tuscany, French Normandy, Craftsman and Spanish Revival 
  • Plans include a tasting room, a wine processing facility,  offices and barrel storage!
  • Each winery will be energy efficient and economical to operate.
  • Each winery will be constructed on its own lot, and include city water, sewer and power.
  • Each winery will include a wastewater treatment system.
  • Each winery will be designed to process 250 to 300 tons of grapes - the equivalent of 600 to 750 barrels of wine, or 15,000 to 18,750 cases of wine.
  • Each barrel storage facility will be designed to handle 1000 barrels of wine.
  • Each tasting room will be designed around the specific vision of the winemaker.
  • Buildings are for lease, please contact (714) 470-6400 for more details.
  • There are only 16 wineries available, and they will go quickly!
  • There should be little to no waiting for city permits.
  • Having multiple wineries in one location will increase foot traffic for all wineries

State of the Art

State of the Art

A true winery...

Every winery is being designed and built to meet the specific needs of the winemaker including the following items:

  • Each building will include a Process Waste System (That will meet the City's new BOD requirements).
  • Each building will enjoy ultra efficient insulation (R factors of 30 to 60).
  • Each building will benefit from the latest "green" technology.
  • Each building will be designed to avoid cork taint by being TCA resistant.
  • Each building will feature a climate control system designed specifically for wine making.
  • Each building will be located within the Paso Robles city limits, and use city water, power, and sewer systems.

These are not just buildings, these are "turn-key" wineries: designed by winemakers for winemakers…

See our development plans here.

For the best service, please contact us via our contact form.
You may also contact the developer, Christopher Hoskins, at 714-470-6400.